Our People

Since founding Rosan Helmsley in 2001, Chief Executive Rob Sandwith has built a team of advisers, administrators and support staff to look after an ever-growing number of corporate and individual clients. No matter what the role, Rosan Helmsley’s team members are characterized by their dedication, expertise and a shared commitment to the professional development of the firm.

Any service orientated business in the UK charged with the responsibility of looking after private wealth, has a fiduciary duty to ensure that only individuals of the highest calibre are employed in the business.

At Rosan Helmsley we insist on all client facing advisors offering financial advice and portfolio management to attain the Chartered Financial Planner status – the elite advisory status in the UK.

Rather uniquely, we also insist that all our support staff in an administrative role attain the CII Q4 qualification status. Technically, this means that administrative staff are in a position to advise clients, though we clearly don’t wish our administrators to provide financial advice. Requiring this level of technical expertise among our support staff ensures all our clients have a much better experience on the phone and in written communications when dealing with any one of our support team. Client feedback regularly confirms that this approach to staff qualifications is extremely well received and we will continue to motivate all our employees to ensure that they develop this professional qualification and can be the best they can in their given role.



Advisory Support Team