Rosan Select offers investors the opportunity to buy our preferred funds either inside or outside the ISA wrapper.

In the U.K. there are literally thousands of funds that investors can purchase, and attempting to navigate appropriate funds for a novice, or indeed a relatively experienced investor, is intuitively difficult. Rosan Select offers investors an opportunity to tap into our analysis and preferred funds. We conduct extensive research to reduce our preferred funds down to about 160 currently.

We have three managed funds and a range of funds divided by geographical, industry and economic sectors.

We conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative research and to that we add our significant value-add, which is the benefit of our deep and very longstanding relationships with the major asset management groups in the U.K. This gives us personal access to a number of the country’s leading fund managers.

When you start to understand individual fund managers and what makes them tick, you have a very valuable additional insight into investment process, style and manager conviction, all of which are important attributes to understand as part of the fund analysis process.

We are very proud to have partnered with Fidelity’s platform business, FundsNetwork, to facilitate purchase transactions. FundsNetwork, as part of Fidelity International, is one of the leading U.K. financial supermarkets.

Our preferred funds in each sector are blended to ensure there is a contrasting style basis, between the different component funds. For example, our global managed portfolio includes funds specialising in value, growth, small cap and equity income style biases. This means investors can choose a particular style, or indeed buy a portfolio in its entirety. If there are four funds in a portfolio, and you choose to buy, then your investment will automatically be split 25% into each of the four funds.

Funds bought by investors through Rosan Select are bought without individual investment advice and are therefore bought on an ‘execution only’ basis. Please contact us if you are uncertain as to whether a fund is appropriate to your personal circumstances.

The majority of funds on Rosan Select invest in equities and shares in the world’s financial markets. The value of investments can fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the amount they originally invested.

Account Management

Fidelity provides Rosan Select investors with a unique customer reference number to access the Account Management website.

Account Management

Self Select Funds

The Fidelity Fund Finder enables investors to research funds that match their individual investment priorities. The results should not be taken as advice.

Fidelity Fund Finder

Please contact us if you are uncertain as to whether a fund is appropriate to your personal circumstances.