Retirement Planning

Pensions, in their simplest form, are investment vehicles with tax advantages designed to give all of us a means of accumulating capital for retirement.

On April 6th 2006, a date known as ‘A-Day’, the government introduced new pensions legislation in an attempt to bring clarity and a greater ease of understanding to the pension’s world. In the period since ‘A-Day’, pensions have started a journey of unquestionably becoming more simple, though there remain a number of pension vehicles available and this part of the site will give some clarity to the options.

In the March 2014 budget, George Osborne introduced further sweeping changes to pensions legislation which, has brought much greater flexibility for all. Legislation coming out of George Osborne’s budget, has become generally referred to as the ‘Pensions Freedom’ legislation, and we have published four Key Guides around the retirement planning piece. Three of these guides are aimed at individual planning, and the fourth one entitled ‘Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrolment’ covers the new legislation that employers in the U.K. have to adhere to.

All the four Key Guides are available to download here.