Business Insurance

The most valuable asset a company has is its directors and employees. Whilst other assets, such as property, plant and machinery are usually insured against loss, rarely is the company properly protected against the temporary disability or death of a key employee.

Different employees are important to different companies, whether key sales staff, technicians or research staff, yet the loss of these staff can have a devastating effect on the future of a business and its development.

Cover can be arranged to provide a lump sum benefit in the event of a key person’s death, critical illness, or income continuance to the company in the event of long-term sickness.

Management buyouts are a good example of situations where such cover is desirable, and indeed, often required by a finance lender as part of the terms of a loan – planning for the necessary cover well in advance is vital.

Download the attached Key Guide; ‘Business Succession Planning’ – for further details on insurance options.

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Business Succession Planning

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