Corporate Overview

If you own a business, or are involved in the management of a successful business, you will understand how important it is to ensure that your employees are properly motivated so that they can experience a sense of worth in the organisation.

Part of that motivation comes from the implementation of a competitive employment benefits package. We have many years experience in running group employee benefit schemes for corporate clients.

At Rosan Helmsley, we see our role as not only providing our clients with access to excellent pension, life assurance and medical schemes, but also ensuring that the workforce is made aware of the genuine value of these schemes to their financial futures.

We offer a complete administration package to our corporate customers freeing business managers to run their business.

All our corporate customers get direct access to their employee benefit packages through our web site. This not only includes detailed summaries of the current package available but also links to online personal account valuations. Employees are therefore only ever a couple of clicks away from an update on their personal position.

Core employee benefits include: