James Morley

Chartered Financial Planner

James has over 27 years experience in the financial services industry, of which 22 years have been in the IFA sector. He has worked for both large, national organisations and small, niche businesses and joined Rosan Helmsley in 2013, following a period with a large wealth management firm in London.

James is a Chartered Financial Planner and Law graduate and has brought his extensive analytical and research experience to the financial services sector, where he uses these skills in delivering client reports of a highly technical nature, covering all aspects of regulated financial planning. James has the CII’s Pension Transfer qualification and also provides support and analysis on the complex area of Defined Benefit pension transfers.

When he is not working, James likes to follow his favourite interests which are football, rugby and personal training. James is also a keen mountain hiker and climber and has travelled through Africa, Europe and the US with recent accomplishments including summiting Kilimanjaro and extensive treks through the Grand Canyon.

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