Rosan Helmsley is a leading firm of Wealth Management and Employee Benefit Consultants, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The last decade has witnessed enormous change in the world of finance post the global financial crisis in 2008. That period, like few in history, demonstrated the need for independent professional advice when it comes to managing money.

Here in the U.K. the profile of the financial services industry is forever evolving and we have new challenges ahead as we exit the European Union as part of Brexit. Coupled with that, most western governments are placing a much greater emphasis on the individual when planning for financial futures.

Our existing state benefit system, which relies on current taxation revenue to fund state pensions, is extremely challenged by the change in U.K. demographics, with individuals living longer lives, and the cost of medical care rising sharply. A lack of prudent financial planning in early life can lead to devastating and depressing outcomes in retirement.

With the expansion of the industry has come an increasingly complex array of financial products meaning that the need for professional advice is as important as ever. Securing a relationship with a professional business partner is key to ensuring future financial success.

One of the big global changes over the last 20 years has been the impact on technology on all of our lives.

At Rosan Helmsley we still believe very much in personal contact and in my experience the best client relationships are formed through close working relationships. But I also believe that the internet provides a dynamic tool that can help cement our relationships with clients and enhance significantly our client service. Our website offers many valuable tools to help both existing and new clients plan and monitor their financial futures.

At Rosan Helmsley we will continue to invest heavily in developing technological solutions to improve the way we are able to service and communicate with our clients.

We hope we can help you in the wealth creation process.