About Us

Rosan Helmsley is a leading firm of Wealth Management and Employee Benefits advisors, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Rosan Helmsley is independently owned and operated, and was established in March 2001. Being independent we are not tied to any one particular organisation and we can therefore advise both our corporate and individual clients on a totally impartial basis.

We operate from offices in Guildford and advise clients throughout the country. Our corporate clients include leading organisations in the technology, finance and services industries. Personal clients come from all walks of life but include Lawyers, Accountants, personalities from the entertainment world, Investment Bankers, Management Consultants and retired individuals living off their capital.

We advise companies on structuring their employee benefits packages to ensure they can attract the highest caliber of employees and that staff remain fully motivated. See Corporate Clients for further information.

For individual clients we can provide advice under a wide remit including:

All our clients have access to their investment portfolios online, which allows detailed analysis of holdings including profit and loss statements and asset allocation for the portfolios.

Funds held on platforms allow detailed investment analysis of the individual holdings including links to fact sheets on relevant funds.
We offer a service – Rosan Select – which identifies our preferred funds in both geographic and economic sectors. Individual investors in the UK have access to thousands of funds online, and Rosan Select filters these funds down to up to half a dozen or so in each sector.

We have strong relationships with asset managers and individual fund managers across the leading asset managers in the UK, and we couple this invaluable access with a quantitative and qualitative filtering process, which is constantly monitored. This process allows us to identify the most successful funds under a number of headings.

Investors buying from Rosan Select access Rosan Helmsley’s preferred funds in the world’s major markets, confident in the knowledge that the performance and investment process of these funds is being constantly monitored.

Investors can access a valuation on their investment portfolio at any time of day or night wherever they are in the world.

Rosan Helmsley earns it’s income either through fees paid by our clients directly and agreed in advance, or through fees paid to us by the companies through which we place business. The future success of Rosan Helmsley is entirely dependent on our clients remaining with us and the value of their investments, and therefore their wealth, growing.

The historic success of Rosan Helmsley is in large part due to the very longstanding relationships we have with our clients. In many cases these relationships extend to two or three decades, and the success is testament to the service driven approach we have to managing our client relationships.

Financial planning is never a static science. Individuals and businesses continually evolve and that requires an ongoing dialogue and a continual re-evaluation of the plans put in place to ensure they are meeting the objectives.

We look forward to earning your trust, developing a strategy to map out your financial future and to assisting you in the wealth creation process.

Rob Sandwith
Chief Executive