Adrian King

Adrian King

Chief Technology Officer

Following an eventful and fun childhood in the Middle East and West Africa, Adrian studied Electrical Engineering at Bath University sponsored by the Army. After a short period in the services, Adrian started his civilian career working for a couple of defence contractors developing software but quickly discovered that his skills lay in system architecture and managing techies rather than writing code himself.

This was followed by a two year fellowship at CERN, where he showed his lack of technical insight by turning down the opportunity to work for Tim Berners-Lee on the World Wide Web in 1990. However, this period shaped the next 25 years of Adrian’s life by shifting his focus onto product development with increasingly senior positions in four software product companies, broken by one year working as a management consultant for a global firm.

After his second successful software exit in 2011, Adrian has been involved in a number of advisory and interim CEO roles helping business with management and technology strategy. In 2016 Adrian joined Rosan Helmsley as CTO to drive the technical strategy and ensure that the business continues to support client information needs through industry leading technology solutions.

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