LF Woodford Equity Income

Woodford Investment Management (WIM) – Closure of Business

Neil Woodford, one of the most successful UK fund managers of the last three decades, has unfortunately announced that he is closing his business this week as a result of being fired as the investment manager of his principal fund the LF Woodford Equity Income Fund. As a result of this, Link Fund Solutions Ltd (LFS), who are the Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) of the fund, have also suspended trading in the second fund that Neil managed, the Income Focus fund.

The links below provide context to these decisions and information on the process.

All client assets are protected and there has been no impropriety by Neil Woodford or his firm. This is a sad end to Neil Woodford’s career and clearly devastating for him personally and his staff. We will continue to post updates on the situation as further announcements are made.